The Last of the Plainsmen

Cover The Last of the Plainsmen
The Last of the Plainsmen
Grey, Zane, 1872-1939
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"Lost. Couldn't find him this morning, an' had a deuce of a timefindin' the rest of the bunch. Old Baldy was cute. He hid in a bunch ofpinyons an' stood quiet so his bell wouldn't ring. I had to trail him. " "Do the horses stray far when they are hobbled?" inquired Wallace.
"If they keep jumpin' all night they can cover some territory. We'renow on the edge of the wild horse country, and our nags know this aswell as we. They smell the mustangs, an' would break their necks to getaway. Satan and t
...he sorrel were ten miles from camp when I found themthis mornin'. An' Jim's cayuse went farther, an' we never will get him. He'll wear his hobbles out, then away with the wild horses. Once withthem, he'll never be caught again. " On the sixth day of our stay at Oak we had visitors, whom Frankintroduced as the Stewart brothers and Lawson, wild-horse wranglers. They were still, dark men, whose facial expression seldom varied; talland lithe and wiry as the mustangs they rode. The Stewarts were ontheir way to Kanab, Utah, to arrange for the sale of a drove of horsesthey had captured and corraled in a narrow canyon back in the Siwash.

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The Last of the Plainsmen
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