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George Carlton, Bishop of Llandaff; Dr. JosephHall, Dean of Worcester; John Davenant, professor of divinity, andMaster of Queen's college, Cambridge; Samuel Ward, Archdeacon ofTaunton, and head of Sidney college, Cambridge. To these were added, Walter Balcanqual, a Scottish theologian, as representative of theScottish churches. The ever-memorable John Hales of Eaton, as thatlearned and amiable person is justly termed by protestant writers, waspermitted to attend the debates of the Synod, but wa...s not allowed tospeak, or take any part in its proceedings.
[Sidenote: The Synod of Dort. ] We have mentioned that Arminius was converted to the opinions, which hedefended afterwards so strenuously, by the perusal of a work in supportof the opposite doctrine, which he had been desired to confute. In thesame manner, the proceedings of the Contra-Remonstrants, at the Synod ofDort, made Mr. Hales a Remonstrant. We are informed by his friend Mr. Faringdon, that, in his younger days, he was a Calvinist; but that someexplanations given by Episcopius of the text in John iii.

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The Life of Hugo Grotius
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