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Landry took Granite Canyon, Laramie, Medicine Bow and Rawlins like a skier running down a hard-packed snow slope. The riders simply settled into silence as she sent the car winging swiftly over the purple sage-clustered land, as the sun yellowed and dipped closer to the horizon ahead.
    Everyone but the Garwiths had eaten lunch in Cheyenne while Allan Garwith had been stretched out on the grass in the small park. Cicely had bought sandwiches during that time, and now had them ready in the even
...t her husband awoke and was hungry, though she had not eaten herself. This fact obviously bothered Mrs. Landry. After covering the basin in what was undoubtedly one of the fastest crossings in Wyoming history, she began talking of dinner. “You can’t go without fuel, you know!”
    “This friend of mine I mentioned,” Miss Kennicot said, “Alice Gregson? You remember? Well, she said there’s a perfectly wonderful little roadhouse to eat in in Green River, just as cheap as anything, and awfully good food.

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