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The Master Mistress Poems

Cover The Master Mistress Poems
The book The Master Mistress Poems was written by author Here you can read free online of The Master Mistress Poems book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is The Master Mistress Poems a good or bad book?
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LIPS AND EYES The little boys that are your smiles Go quaintly in and out, With witty plays and antic wiles Of goatlings all about.
The penitents that are your eyes, Each with his prayer appears, And care too cursed for any cries, And lovely ghosts of tears.
Ah, those that play with quirk and quip.
And these that daily die! Repentless urchins of the lip, And culprits of the eye.
TO A GREAT PRAISING POET O, fruiting poet golden with your fruit, I, mute, And leaning in my tunic's fold, Gather the
... downfall of your leafy lute.
Heavy to hold, Ah, heavy to hold, This fallen weight of fruited gold!
She falters 'neath the Olympian ornament, Who treads with golden load (Where once she trod Uncrowned and inillustrious went), Like her of Argos golded of the god.
Ah, poet august, in this my honoured hour, Drenched in your spreading power And radiant rain of you, My singing lifts beneath the gleaming shower, And Perseus stirs anew.
RETURN When I went back there I was as cautious as a dead man.
I passed the palm trees with care, Not looking too intently, For fear of spilling my heart too soon.

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The Master Mistress Poems
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