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But he could visualize all of Arne s outcry. He himself, in the wandering years, had seen the epic of the old West close ; he had mingled the wine of his life with it. But now the new land was here, the stately cities rising, the ordered nobleness of form. That was the meaning of the cry and tumult, the fuller democ racy; the West had seen and caught the vision; and Curran, the Celtic romanticist, could feel the splendor.
" You shall seek the truth, and the truth shall make you free ; that is w
...hat they tell us up there, " went on Arne. "I ve lain in bed after bucking all night on soil- tests and economic history, and listened to the young men going up the hill to Carmack s lectures the young men up the hill in the snow at seven o clock! And 122 THE MIDLANDERS when he declared that the spirit of socialism was the spirit of every good thing the world was fighting for ; when he told them to go out and preach the recall, and the state control of wealth I ve heard them shout, and others going up the hill took up the shout.

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