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The Modern Sabbath Examined

Cover The Modern Sabbath Examined
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What then is the pre- cise meaning of the apostolic statements, respecting the relation in which Christ's disciples now stand to the law of Moses ? In answering this question, it is of importance to keep in mind, that these state- ments have a special reference to the believers of the gospel, and were not meant to apply to mankind in general. The letters in which the declarations respect- ing the disannulling of the law are contained, are addressed, not to men indiscriminately, but to persons w...ho had embraced the divine revelation of mercy, and who thus stood in the new relation to their Maker, of redeemed and adopted children, "justified by faith, and having peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. "^ The subject of which the inspired writers / treat, is not the grounds of moral obligation, but the temporary character of the Mosaic economy, and the entire deliverance of Christ's people from all its hand- writing of ordinances, its rigorous penalties, and bur- densome ceremonies.

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The Modern Sabbath Examined
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