The New Era a Dramatic Poem

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The New Era a Dramatic Poem
Virginia Vaughan
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Their fundamental structure and desig-n.
All destined living creatures to sustain, And to the same great laws obedient, Of motion, birth, vicissitude, decay, Howe'er, in outward aspects various, And in their phases of development, One thought reflect. Yet truly hast thou read In the great volume of the mystic sphinx.
The glowing page which now thy thought arrests.
The marked relationship, discernible.
In planets all, that swift community, The family of congregated globes, 'Fwixt Mira and the ea
...rth unusual shows.
Here most significant. Seek as thou wilt, 'Mid systems fair and constellations rich.
That strew with sands of stars the fields of space.
Yet scarce a second orb shalt thou behold.
THE NEW ERA. 153 So like the earth as this delightful star That now thy gaze enchants. Ay, sister realms They float responsive on their whirling course. And, thus allied, one pathway should pursue. One destiny fulfil.
'Tis much to claim. Twelve times in size this orb magnificent And beautiful, our planet doth exceed.

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The New Era a Dramatic Poem
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