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Scanty for supply of food, it was ample for supply of drink. And drunkenness, hitherto rare in that rank of the Parisians, became a prevalent vice, aggravated in the case of a National Guard, when it wholly unfitted him for the duties he undertook, especially such National Guards as were raised from the most turbulent democracy of the working class.
But of all that population, there were two sections in which the most beautiful elements of our human nature were most touchingly manifest — the wo and the priesthood, including in the latter denomination all the various brotherhoods and societies which religion formed Jind inspired.
It was on the 27th of December that Frederic Lemercier stood gazing wistfully on a military report affixed to a blank wall, which stated that " the enemy, worn out by a resistance of over one hundred days," had commenced the bombardment. Poor Frederic was sadly altered ; he had escaped the Prussians' guns, but not the Parisian winter — the severest known for twenty years.

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