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He merely invites his gang of followers to be denizens of the raging Flame! They who blasphemed shall receive a terrible punishment, but they who believe and do righteous deeds shall obtain forgiveness and a great reward.
Consider a person whose evil deed is made attractive to him, and he regards it as good. God leads astray whomever He pleases and guides whomever He pleases. So let not your soul perish with grief over them: God knows full well what they do.
God it is Who sends forth the winds,
... agitating clouds, which We drive forth to a parched land, and thereby revive the ground after it has died.
Likewise is the resurrection.
Whoso desires grandeur, all grandeur belongs to God. To Him ascends speech that is pure, and righteous deeds He elevates. As for those who contrive evil, terrible punishment awaits them, and their contriving itself shall be in vain.
God it was Who created you from dust, then from a sperm, then fashioned you into two genders. No female bears or delivers save by His knowledge; no person who attains old age shall attain it, nor will his life be curtailed, except it be in a Book - a thing easy for God.

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The Quran: a New Translation
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