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But he is wrong. She revels in her success as saleslady, particularly with the older clientele, who appreciate her patience with them. Discarding the wardrobe she brought with her from Novilla, she herself begins to wear newer fashions bought at a discount or borrowed from the shop.
With Claudia, the owner, a woman of her age, she strikes up a quick friendship. They lunch at a café around the corner, or buy sandwiches and eat them in the stock room, where Claudia unburdens herself about her son,
... who has fallen into bad company and is on the verge of dropping out of school; also, in less specific terms, about her errant husband. Whether Inés unburdens herself in turn Inés does not say—at least not to him, Simón.
In preparation for the new season Claudia goes on a buying expedition to Novilla, leaving Inés in charge of the shop. Her sudden promotion arouses the ire of the cashier, Innocentia, who has been with Modas Modernas since its birth. It is a relief to all when Claudia returns.

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The Schooldays of Jesus
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