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" "It's lucky, uncle, that it missed the big speculum, and a lot morestuff being used. " "Fortunate indeed, Tom. We must be more careful next time. " "But surely you will not try so dangerous an experiment again?" said theVicar anxiously.
"Certainly I shall, " said Uncle Richard. "The experiment is not in theleast dangerous if properly carried out. The accident was from myignorance. I know better now. " "You've paid very dearly for your experience, " said the Vicar, smiling. "It's rather hard u
...pon your friends, though, to try such riskyexperiments in their presence. " "Next time all will go well. Will you come and see it?" "Really, my dear Brandon, I respect you very much, as my principalparishioner, and a man after my own heart, but I'm afraid I shall be toobusy to come next time. I'll wait till the big telescope is ready foruse, when I shall want to peep through; but even then I shall approachit with fear and trembling. It will look like a great gun, and I shallalways feel afraid of its going off.

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The Vast Abyss
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