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" These arguments seemed to have considerable effect on Mrs Hart, andHarry hoped that she and her husband would no longer hesitate to embark, should the heathens seriously threaten to attack the station.
Things, however, went on much as usual for several days. The boat wasmade ready for sea, while as much water and provisions as she couldcarry were prepared to be put on board at a moment's notice.
The three men had by this time grown weary of the monotonous life theywere compelled to live at th
...e station, and, notwithstanding the dangersthey had gone through, they were anxious again to be off in search ofsome other island, where they could live at their ease among thenatives, without running the risk of being murdered, as they wereassured they would be should they wander away among the heathens. OldTom and the two boys did their best to persuade them to remaincontentedly where they were; but, from some remarks overheard by Bass, Harry was afraid that they contemplated running off with the boat, should they be detained much longer.

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The Voyage of the "steadfast"
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