Toboganning On Parnassus

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Toboganning On Parnassus
Adams Franklin Pierce
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* * * "We do, " She says, "and none too well. " Signal Service Time-table! Terrible and hard To figure! At some station lonelyWe see this sign upon the card:[Footnote Asterisk: Train 20: Stops on signal only. ] We read thee wrong; the untrained eye Does not see always with precision. The train we thought to travel by[Footnote Dagger: Runs only on North-west division. ] Again, undaunted, we look at The hieroglyphs, and as a rule aSmall double dagger shows us that[Footnote SmallDoubleDagger: Trai
...n does not stop at Ashtabula. ] And when we take a certain line On Tues. , Wednes. , Thurs. , Fri. , Sat. , or Monday, We're certain to detect the sign:[Footnote SectionMark: $10 extra fare ex. Sunday. ] Heck Junction--Here she comes! Fft! Whiz! A scurry--and the train has flitted!Again we look. We find it--viz. , [Footnote DoubleBar: Train does not stop where time omitted. ] Through hieroglyphic seas we wade-- Print is so cold and so unfeeling. The train we wait at Neverglade[Footnote Paragraph: Connects with C.

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Toboganning On Parnassus
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