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Alger Horatio
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I'm a rough customer, and have done plenty of meanthings, but this is the first job of the kind I ever attempted. Iwouldn't have done it, only I heard the old man say in the cars, that hehad a lot of money with him. I was hard up, and on my way to Cedarville, to try to get work, but when I heard what he said, the devil tempted me, I believe, and I determined to keep you both in sight, and get out whereyou did. I've tried and failed, and that's the end of it. It's my firstattempt at burglary. " ..."I hope it will be the last. " "You may bet your life on that!" "Then, " said Herbert, quietly, "I will intercede with Mr. Carroll foryou, and ask him not to have you arrested. " "Will you do that?" asked the wounded man, eagerly.
"I promise it. " "If you will, boy, I will bless you, and if God would listen to such ascamp as I am, I'd pray for you. " "He will listen to you, " said Herbert. "Try to lead a better life, andHe will help you. " "I wish I'd met with such as you before, " said the burglar.

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Try And Trust
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