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All I can do is stare mutely back. This was not how I was planning to let Lottie know that I’d arrived on Ikonos.
“Fliss?” she says again, and now there’s a sharp edge to her voice which makes me flinch. What do I say? What can I say? Where do I even begin?
“Fliss!” Nico speaks before I can marshal my thoughts, and snatches the microphone from Ben. “And here we have the sister of the happy couple!” He addresses the audience. “May I introduce Felicity Graveney, editor of Pincher Travel Review. Sh
...e is here to give the hotel a special five-star review!” He beams delightedly. “As you can see, she has been sampling the delights of the Aegean Sea.”
The audience gives a polite laugh. I have to hand it to Nico. No marketing opportunity left unexploited.
“Now let us have the whole family onstage!” He’s bustling Lorcan, Noah, and me onto the platform. “A family shot for your special honeymoon album. Stand together!”
“What the hell are you doing here?” Lottie’s eyes are dark with anger as she turns to face me.

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Wedding Night
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This is awesome

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Really enjoyed this book, was absolutely hilarious!

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this book was awesome

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