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White Jacket
Melville Herman
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The truth is, that, in circumstances likethese, the sense of fear is annihilated in the unutterable sightsthat fill all the eye, and the sounds that fill all the ear. Youbecome identified with the tempest; your insignificance is lostin the riot of the stormy universe around.
Below us, our noble frigate seemed thrice its real length--a vastblack wedge, opposing its widest end to the combined fury of thesea and wind.
At length the first fury of the gale began to abate, and we atonce fell to pound
...ing our hands, as a preliminary operation togoing to work; for a gang of men had now ascended to help securewhat was left of the sail; we somehow packed it away, at last, and came down.
About noon the next day, the gale so moderated that we shook tworeefs out of the top-sails, set new courses, and stood due east, with the wind astern.
Thus, all the fine weather we encountered after first weighing anchoron the pleasant Spanish coast, was but the prelude to this one terrificnight; more especially, that treacherous calm immediately preceding it.

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White Jacket
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