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II. Class I. 2. 1. 2. On the Diseases of the VoluntaryPower. Art. Somnus interruptus.
15. We come now to those motions which depend on irritation. The motions ofthe arterial and glandular systems continue in our sleep, proceeding slowerindeed, but stronger and more uniformly, than in our waking hours, whenthey are incommoded by external stimuli, or by the movements of volition;the motions of the muscles subservient to respiration continue to bestimulated into action, and the other internal sens
...es of hunger, thirst, and lust, are not only occasionally excited in our sleep, but theirirritative motions are succeeded by their usual sensations, and make a partof the farrago of our dreams. These sensations of the want of air, ofhunger, thirst, and lust, in our dreams, contribute to prove, that thenerves of the external senses are also alive and excitable in our sleep;but as the stimuli of external objects are either excluded from them by thedarkness and silence of the night, or their access to them is prevented bythe suspension of volition, these nerves of sense fall more readily intotheir connexions with sensation and with association; because muchsensorial power, which during the day was expended in moving the externalorgans of sense in consequence of irritation from external stimuli, or inconsequence of volition, becomes now in some degree accumulated, andrenders the internal or immediate organs of sense more easily excitable bythe other sensorial powers.

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Zoonomia, Vol. I
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