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The genre children literature includes fairy tales, fables, poetries, little stories and encyclopedias for children… As a rule, the editions of children literature are full of illustrations. There are bright pictures which attract children’s attention. They wake up the interest and prompt the little readers to take the book into their hands. The text is written very simple and in understandable language. All children believe in a miracle. That`s why children literature depict the world not like it is in the reality. Very often amazing and wonderful creators, prince and princess, wizards and witches are described in the fairy tales. Children literature in any occasion shouldn`t be scaring. It has nothing common with the Horror genre. It`s full of kindness. There are a lot of instructive stories in this kind of literature. We shouldn`t forget about the role of this genre in the forming of a young person. It has to teach the child friendship and human kindness. The main motif of fairy tal


es – kindness always is stronger than evil. Such authors as brothers Grimm, Hans Kristian Andersen and Sharl Perro had become the legend. There are not only fairy tales and short stories but also whole Romans for children. “Mowgli”, “Tom Sawyer” and “Harry Potter” have conquered the hearts of kids all over the world.

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