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Comedy is one of the most ancient literary genres. It was born in antic Greece. Aristotle is considered as a father of this genre. Comedy may be divided into multiple genres. They are the farce, comedy of manners, burlesque. Comedy depicts the worst features of human character with the help of mockery and ridicule. Actually, comedy has a deep philosophic conception inside. It teaches us how we should not act. Comedy genre shows the behavior of untypical people in typical situations. It is easy to perform comedy on the stage. The author has to put all his sense of humor in the work of literature. He should know how to apply acute phrases and funny replicas where it is necessary. The reader in his turn cannot only laugh but also notes some the most interesting phrases. The jokes are very important in the comedy. As well pathos and satire have got a huge role. Satire is a type of a sharp criticism of the substantial things. But it is a criticism with a bullying. Pathos is an unnatural, fa


ke behavior inherent people with excessive self-esteem. It seems very absurdly. The main aim of the comedy is to make people laugh. So if you read the book and smile it is for sure the comedy genre.

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