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Literature is one of the main kinds of art - the art of the word. The term "literature" also means any works of human thought, fixed in a written word and possessing a social meaning; one classifies literature by direction onto technical, scientific, journalistic, reference, epistolary, etc. However, in ordinary and more strict sense, literature is considered to be the work of literary writing.

Genres of literature are historically folding groups of literary creations that unite the totality of formal and content properties based on formal characteristics. Among the most popular genres of literature one distinguishes the following: fable, ballad, detective, comedy, lyrical poem (in prose), melodrama, myth, sketch, song, science fiction (precise, natural, and humanities), a novella, ode, poem, epistolary literature, story, fairy tale, novel, tragedy, folklore, elegy, еpigram, epic, essay. There are three main kinds of literature: epic, lyric and drama. Epos is a kind of literature,


reflecting life through the story of a man and the events taking place with him. A kind of literature, called Lyrics, reflects life through personal experiences of a person, his feelings and thoughts. Drama is one more kind of literature in which people's relationships, conflicts arising between them are reported through the actions of heroes and are expressed in the form of monologues and dialogues.

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