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Mystery is a genre of literature, the stories of which are based on a mysterious felony, case of violation or criminal commitment that must be uncovered. There are two types of the stories: fictional and nonfictional, which may be based on both supernatural and non-supernatural themes. Fictional mysteries can contain either true stories or fantastic stories by origin but are not deliberately oriented on the real events. They imbricate with the alternative genres of literature, for example, fantasy (frequently in order to write gothic fiction), historical fiction, science fiction, thrillers, horror, crime fiction, etc. Detective fiction, which obviously reflects the image of a detective who uncovers a crime, is probably the most famous kind of form of fictional mystery, but, today it is treated as an apart literary genre. Nonfiction mystery books reflect a whole assortment of themes that describe actual events, frequently including enigmas of science, religion, history, magic, the my


steries of an afterlife, the supernatural phenomena. For an instance, there have been many books about uncovered crimes, unsolvable disappearances of figures or personages, unbelievable witnessing of Bigfoot existence, UFOs, or enigmatic Lochness beast... Nonfiction mysteries are also a very well-known genre of documentary and TV programs, often based on criminals and the stories about their crimes which stay unresolved. The significant distinction between fiction and nonfiction mysteries lays in the fact that fiction mysteries mostly finish with a solved mystery, on the contrary, nonfiction mysteries generally make stress on the mysteries which are still unsolved.

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