Books by genre : Nonfiction

Nonfiction is a genre which is entirely based on real facts. It can be full, complete story or just some notes of eyewitness about a concrete action. The historical events, essays on art or literature, life and biography of famous people, reasons and causes of the great accidents are described most often. There are neither fictitious characters nor romantic fantasy in this genre. Everything which is described is a pure truth. Journals, photographs, textbooks, travel books, blueprints, and diagrams are also often considered nonfictional.
The main mission of nonfiction is not only to introduce to the reader one or the other story but also give the accurate data and depict the actual facts in detail. The important characteristic of nonfiction genre is that the author is plenipotentiary to bedeck the story with his own opinion, express his view. Although the nonfiction book should be full of definite facts, the author can add some emotions to make this memoir or chronic and not so bored.


It is a perfect literature for studying. Reading of nonfiction is useful for self-development. Due to this genre reader can find out a lot of new and interesting nuances about the thing which he is excited about. Of course, nonfiction genre is common in literature, films, news and TV-programs.

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