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Thriller is a genre which is created for calling the emotions in reader’s soul. There are pieces of all other genres in a thriller. For example detective, horror, adventure, romance, action, drama… Everything is here. Still, this genre has a lot of distinguishing features. The main hero in thriller face with a huge number of problems, getting into adventures while solving them. But it is not about usual, life problems. It must be a really breathtaking story, full of risk, unexpected and dangerous situations. Overcoming them, the protagonist appears in the image of the real hero. He is always in a step from death. Thriller is a constant action without a right to stop. The Thriller genre is devoted to some smaller genres: judicial, spyware, detective, historical, political, corporate, religious, mystical, logical, “high-tech”, military and others. Thriller is a genre which “tickle one`s nerves”. It keeps the reader in constant emotional and nervous strain and makes him ask with an eager:


“What's next?” People in Thriller books often are allotted with some nearly supernatural abilities. They are quick, skillful, daring, venturesome and brave. In short, they are unforgettable as they are so cool. It is worth to be admired by thriller.

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