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The literature written in the languages of the Indo-European family is considered as Western literature. These languages take their roots in Greek, Latin, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic and Baltic. It is the first definition of Western literature. But later Western outgrew in the genre. Representatives of many countries worked with this genre, however the most popular it became in America. The stories of Western genre depict wild West where live the guys who are called cowboys. It means ranchman or farmer. In addition, they were perfect shooters and riders. Western often tells us how these people are fighting with a desert to introduce a civilization. The time which is usually described in Western is the end of 19th century. A problem of a person and nature was exhilarating in that period on the territory of west USA, nowadays it is Canada and Mexica. Literature of Western genre is full of adventures. The genre gained the popularity in the 20th century when a lot of writers are fond of stori


es about American settlers and their hard lives. The attractive topic for Western books were always the gold miners which had played one of the basic roles in the history of America.
It is interesting that Western can include the pieces of other genres: comedy, action, detective, thriller, fantasy, etc.

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