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Samuel Marinus Zwemer (April 12, 1867-April 2, 1952), nicknamed The Apostle to Islam, was an American missionary, traveler, and scholar. He was born at Vriesland, Michigan. In 1887 he graduated from Hope College, Holland, Mich., and in 1890, he graduated from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, N. J. After being ordained to the Reformed Church ministry, he was a missionary at Busrah, Bahrein, and at other locations in Arabia from 1891 to 1905. He also traveled widely in Asia Minor, and he was elected a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London. In 1929 he was appointed Professor of Missions and Professor of the History of Religion at the Princeton Theological Seminary where he taught until 1951. He married Amy Zwemer. He was famously turned down by the American Missionary Society which resulted in him going overseas alone. He edited the publication The Moslem World for many years. He was influential in mobilizing many Christians to go into missionary work in Isl


amic Countries. According to Ruth A. Tucker, Samuel Zwemer's converts were "probably less than a dozen during his nearly forty years of service" and his "greatest contribution to missions was that of stirring Christians to the need for evangelism among Muslims"[1] Besides editing The Moslem World, a quarterly scholarly periodical – 37 vols.(1911-47), and the Quarterly Review (London), he wrote the following books: He also wrote an article describing his travels in Oman and the Trucial Coast (now U.A.E.), which famously features the earliest known photograph of the Qasr al-Hosn in Abu Dhabi:


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