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Such a genre as a Fantasy has been taking its roots in immemorial time. It's been based on the ancient mythology and faith in supernatural creatures, in the great variety of gods and in unreal explanations about the world creation. The genre's origin can be noticed in legends and stories which appeared a long time ago, but today it has become some kind of a peculiar fairytale for adults. The main features of a genre Fantasy, which distinguish it from the others are the presence of unrealistic and fabulous stories which happen in the fictional world. This world is usually full of magic, witchcraft and wizardly. Writers of fantasy books have a great possibility to apply all their huge fantasy making the protagonists and antagonists zoomorphic or give them some supernatural skills. It doesn’t need to rely on historical facts, physic laws and reality. Fantasy differs by its unforgettable and incredible plot often adorned with tense emotions. The phrase which can exactly describe the genr


e is “magic adventure”.
For a long time, religious officials denied a relevance of Fantasy genre and the support of the genre was considered to be a sign of blasphemy, but in spite of it “theurgic” books continued to fill up the minds of readers.
Nowadays, Fantasy became one of the most popular genre of literature, read not only by children but also adults, as lots of them still want to believe in miracles. Such bestsellers as Joan Rolling`s “Harry Potter”, John Tolkien’s “Lord of Rings” or Christopher Paolini’s “Eragon” made a great contribution to their author's fame. Fantasy is popular not only in literature but also in art, cinematography and role-playing games.

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