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CIRCUS ARCANUS, BIG TOP—NIGHT The big top is on fire. Firedrakes weave patterns in the sky above it, trailing showers of sparks. The fire has terrified and enraged the creatures. A hippogriff is rearing and plunging while its handlers try to control it. Everywhere performers are packing up, fast, elves shutting themselves into boxes, which fold smaller and smaller. TINA Apparates and, with a flick of her wand, puts out the fire. The Zouwu crate is on fire and shaking perilously. The creature wit...hin roars and howls. The Zouwu explodes out of it: a monstrous cat the size of an elephant, five-colored, with a tail as long as a python. It has been horrendously abused: Scars across its face, it is malnourished, limping, and now driven to a frenzy of terror. TINA spots CREDENCE in the distance. TINA Credence! The Zouwu hobbles as fast as it can, away into the darkness. SKENDER knows there is no catching it now. He runs to galvanize his workers. SKENDER Pack it up! Paris is done for us now. SKENDER points his wand at the tent, shrinks it to the size of a handkerchief, and pockets it.

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Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald
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User Reviews:

autumnrainee 4 months ago

i love the book :) i just saw the third movie in theaters a couple months ago but i read this first to get a little recap of what has been happening.

Guest 3 years ago

i already saw the film and it's no fun reading because there is nothing extra to read.....nothing extra to reveal.......the films are exact same

Guest 4 years ago

Seriously..... J.K Rowling has messed up very bad with the timeline in this one.....
It was expected because the Cursed Child was also very badly messes up.

Guest 5 months ago

Why doesn't she write a book about the Marauders during their time in Hogwarts? I would be so invested, and I'm sure others would. I think it's honestly wasted potential.

Guest 6 months ago

jk rowling only did a film of fantastic beast the crimes of grindlewald but she wrote fantastic beast as in study guide for her book

Guest 4 years ago

This was awesome, but it ended on a cliffhanger and that was upsetting.I can't wait for book 3!It answered some questions but it left me with more questions!I will put spoilers at the bottom of this comment.

the reason Dumbledore can't move against Grindelwald is because of a blood pact
Credence is apparently Aurelius Dumbledore
Queenie joins Grindelwald
Leta lestrange dies

Guest 4 years ago

Amazing as always. JK said that the next movies/books will (inevitably) focus on the relationship between Gellert and Albus and honestly I cannot wait!

Guest 4 years ago

This is a great book this is a better book than the first one even thought I loved the first one it was great the movie was great tooooo! Everybody should read it. and watch the movie. I love that they tell more about nagini. They should make another movie and book. I love that they have dombledore in it, and Grindelwald. That they tell the story about them . I also love that they put Grindelwald’s followere in it they should put Voldemort in the next one with nagini

Guest 4 years ago

JK Rowling said that the series has 5 movies so we have three more movies and screenplays! Also, I don't think Voldemort is going to be in the third movie because he was born during the time of the first movie, 1926.

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