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All books are divided into two categories - fiction and non-fiction. Under the fiction are understood all the works that have a fictional plot and fictional heroes. Fiction - these are novels, stories, novels, plays and poetry (for both children and adults) ... Usually non-fiction books are textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, monographs, biographies, memoirs, journalism, etc. Artistic works are divided into genre literature, mainstream and intellectual prose. What is the mainstream? In the books of this genre, canons and patterns do not belong. Readers expect unexpected solutions from them. The main thing in the mainstream is the moral development of the characters, philosophy and ideology. Because the author of the mainstream should not only be an excellent storyteller, but also a good psychologist and serious thinker. Another important feature of the mainstream - books of this type are written at the intersection of genres. The mainstream appeals to a wide readership. In contrast


, intellectual prose is oriented towards a narrow circle of connoisseurs and pretends to be elitist. The aim of the authors is not commercial success, but art for the sake of art. They pour out the soul and immerse the reader in the world of their subconscious. In the vast majority of cases, intellectual prose has a grim mood. Speaking about the genres of fiction, make the following classification. Avant-garde literature is characterized by the violation of canons and linguistic and plot experiments. As a rule, the avant-garde comes out in very small editions. Closely intertwined with intellectual prose. The militant - is focused mainly on the male audience. The basis of the plot - fights, chases, saving beauties, etc. Detective - the main storyline - the disclosure of the crime. Historical novel - the time of action - the past. The plot, as a rule, is tied to significant historical events. A love affair - the characters acquire love. Mysticism - the basis of the plot - supernatural events. Adventures - the heroes get involved in an adventure or go on a risky journey. Thriller / Horror - heroes face a deadly danger, from which they are trying to get rid of. Fantasy - the story is twisted in a hypothetical future or in a parallel world. One of the varieties of fiction is an alternative story. Fantasy / Fairy Tales - the main features of the genre are fabulous worlds, magic, unseen creatures, talking animals, etc. It is often based on folklore.

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