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by Nichole Sessuber, When plus-size blogger Bea Schumacher was announced as the star of this season of Main Squeeze, I was over the moon: Was it possible that, after all these years, my guilty little pleasure was going to be interesting, and even—forgive me for saying it—woke?
The answer is no.
Or it might be yes.
Or it might not even matter!
Because here’s the thing: Right now, the show is bad.
Last night’s episode was one of the most painful I’ve seen—even worse than the one whe they forced the racist guy and the black guy into a hot-dog-eating contest. Because while that was disgusting, it was also absolutely entertaining.
Not so, last night’s horrific adventure on the high seas, where Bea was forced to wear a bikini (at least, I assume she was forced—she certainly looked unhappy about it), endure the snide taunts of men with the emotional maturity of Lindsey Graham, fend off one man who sought to fetishize her body, and finally capitulate for some light frenching with a Frenchie who couldn’t be more obviously vying for camera time.

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One to Watch
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User Reviews:

alicea09 a year ago

I really enjoyed this book. It was a good read that kept me wanting more. It is different from any book that I have read before and I enjoyed that!

Guest 3 years ago

One to Watch by Kate Stayman is a great summer read!

The story is true to the life of plus size women navigating the dating world. There are great twists and turns between characters, which I loved.

Guest 3 years ago

Super cute and lovely to read about a character that looks like me - plus size. I loved the use of scripts from podcasts, chats and emails to further the story. Some of Bea's feelings were very relatable. A gem of a story.

Guest 3 years ago

Really though, I could not stop reading. I am not a fan of the bachelor/bachelorette series so I would not have chosen to read this. Good thing someone who’s opinion I value recommended it. I loved everything about this. If you want to get lost in a fun book with underlying powerful themes, this is the one!!!

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