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The world will burn in the final installment of Scarlett St. Clair's bestselling Hades X Persephone saga.

The gods are at war, the Titans have been released, and Hades and Persephone must fight tooth and nail for their happy ending.

Persephone, Goddess of Spring, never guessed that a chance encounter with Hades, God of the Underworld, would change her life forever―but he did. Now embroiled in a fight for humanity and battles between the gods, Persephone and Hades have entered a world they


never thought they would see. To end the chaos, Persephone must draw upon her darkness and embrace who she's become―goddess, wife, queen of the Underworld.

Once, Persephone made bargains to save those she loves. Now, she will go to war for them.

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A Touch of Chaos
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Guest a month ago

I've waited over two years for this book, and even still, I couldn't get into it enough to binge it. It was intense, INCREDIBLY dark at parts, and the only things lightening it were Hermes and Dionysus. Dio especially really carried this book for me. Hades is sexy darkness as always, Persephone is mildly annoying as always, and on the whole this was a good ending to the series, for if nothing else it means it's finally done. That all sounds really negative, but in reality this was just a perfectly mid book for me. It did become incredibly obvious that you HAVE to read the Hades series and not just the Persephone one, cause half the plot lines in this wouldn't make sense to you.

Guest a month ago

I have been waiting for this book and it did not disappoint! I have loved these characters so much. I love that one of the characters is named Sybil (my name). It has surprises throughout that I wasn't expecting. I love Hades sense of humor and the bromance he has with a few of his fellow gods. Persephone has grown so much as a character for that very first book. She starts out as such a timid character and by this book she is a complete boss. Loved this book. 7 stars. Recommend you start with book one of this series. Read them all, you won't be disappointed.

Guest a month ago

5⭐️ the chaotic energy was immaculate! Hades is finally getting the hint that he needs to be honest, Persephone is a bad bitch, Hermes is still the comedic gay bff that I can’t get enough of, Aphrodite and Hephaestus are one of my fav side couples, Dionysus surprised me, and geek mythology is and will always be my Roman Empire. The entire series itched my brain in the best way! I love the modern setting, loved the audiobooks all the twists and turns. I will be buying the physical series soon

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