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Your compendium is on the table.” Matthew didn’t look up from the plans to Prague Castle that he’d somehow procured from the emperor’s architects. In the past few days, he’d given me wide berth and taken to channeling his energy into unearthing the secrets of the palace guard so that he could breach Rudolf’s security. In spite of Abraham’s advice, which I’d duly conveyed, Matthew preferred a proactive strategy. He wanted us out of Prague. Now.
    I approached his side, and he looked up with res
...tless, hungry eyes.
    “It’s just a gift.” I put down my gloves and kissed him deeply. “My heart is yours, remember?”
    “It isn’t just a gift. It came with an invitation to go hunting tomorrow.” Matthew wrapped his hands around my hips. “Gallowglass informed me that we will be accepting it. He’s found a way into the emperor’s apartments by seducing some poor maid into showing him Rudolf’s erotic-picture collection.

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A Discovery of Witches
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CathyRichardson17403 3 years ago

This book was wonderful, I loved it. It was a great ride. This is my favorite kind of books to read and I get lost in them.

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