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CHAPTER ELEVEN MAGICLEXIA Lunch was uncomfortably quiet at the academy. Lucy sat by herself at the far end of the table to keep her distance from the others and didn’t say a word for the entire meal. She picked at her food and occasionally looked up at her new classmates with a suspicious glance, almost daring them to provoke her. Tangerina and Skylene had received enough of Lucy’s insults for one day, so the girls remained silent and purposely avoided making eye contact with her.
Brystal tried
...to defuse the tension with harmless conversation topics, but no one was interested in what she had to say. Her efforts were distracted when Mrs. Vee entered the dining room and presented Madame Weatherberry with a second scaly black envelope.“Another letter has arrived for you, Madame,” she said.The new message made Madame Weatherberry more anxious than the first. Before anyone could ask about her alleged “sick friend,” their teacher got to her feet and headed out of the room with the mysterious letter in hand.“We’ll begin our very first lesson in just a few minutes,”

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Guest 5 months ago

well the book really turned out good. I really needed something like this to discract me fromthe real life beacuse I happend to break my parents promise that I made and my dad isn't talking to me like he used to i cant go out ,my dad took my phone and this is it soo it was really good to read and discract myself from the real life! If u guys have any suggestions of any bood I should read please tell me it would be really good! bye xoxo

Guest 2 years ago

Love it! I am definitely going to read the next books in the series when it comes out! When I found out that this book was about Brystal, the grandmother of the main characters from Land of Stories, I almost cried. This book, characters, I love them!

Dannica 2 years ago

It was a good book first book to finish here it was a 10/10 and wasn't interested to magic except Harry Potter

Guest 2 years ago

awesome book!!!! if you haven't the sequel land of stories, the you should! I wonder if there is a movie to this....

Guest 3 years ago

Pretty good book 10/10 for me and in my opinion I thought it was a little hard to follow but once you do you will love the plot

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