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My heart thundered the entire time, steady as a war-drum.
I painted until my back cramped and my stomach gurgled with demands for hot cocoa and dessert.
I’d known what needed to come out of me the moment I perched on the rickety stool I’d dusted off from the back.
I’d barely been able to hold the paintbrush steady enough to make the first few strokes. From fear, yes. I was honest enough with myself to admit that.
But also from the sheer unleashing of it, as if I were a racehorse freed from my pe
...n, the image in my mind a dashing vision that I sprinted to keep up with.
But it began to emerge. Began to take form.
And in its wake, a sort of quiet followed, as if it were a layer of snow blanketing the earth. Clearing away what was beneath.
More cleansing, more soothing than any of the hours I’d spent rebuilding this city. Equally as fulfilling, yes, but the painting, the unleashing and facing it, was a release. A first stitch to close a wound.
The tower bells of Velaris sang twelve before I stopped.

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A Court of Frost And Starlight
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User Reviews:

Guest a year ago

This book series is one of the best I've ever read, the tension she create between the characters is utterly amazing. It feels like I can feel everything that's happening, this book has brought me so many smiles, laughs, tears even. This is truly an amazing series

Guest 5 years ago

if shes really an assassin how come she get suprised so much the plot was great i loved it but her getting scared and shuck up on is just a fault in my eyes

Guest 3 years ago

She is not a assassin it is in a different series by the same author you are thinking about the wrong one

Guest 5 years ago

A good(ish) book - Though I'm surprised it is not a novella. I didn't really feel there was much of a plot but I'm still a fan of Sarah J Mass' work. I have a feeling the next book will be much better.
On another note, if you have not read the Throne of Glass series (by Sarah J Mass) you'd love it to bits.

Guest 3 months ago

Yeah, the material is just copied, but you can skip over the more graphic parts and then it’s still a pretty okay book (though she does plagiarises everything).

Guest a year ago

Sarah J. Maas plagiarizes the crap out of everything, nothing in here are her original ideas, she borrowed them, plus the graphic inappropriate material is enough to make me hate her writing, which I do. There are better writers.

Kaylee Cho 5 years ago

Yes, I like the plot of the book.

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