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Certain boredom, with a chance of murder.
Blinking, crouching in this dark corner, shaking her limbs periodically to keep them from cramping, Teia was not, she finally had to admit, a ghost.
She could not pass through walls. For one thing, she had muscles that wanted to cramp—oh, and she had a bladder, albeit a tiny one (thanks for nothing, Orholam). She also wasn’t dead. Yet. (Though it seemed she was trying to change that with alarming frequency.) Really, the only way she was like a ghost was
...that she was not something any rational adult would fear.
That’s a great pep talk there, T. Your army of one has a shitty commander.
Oh yeah? Well, that’s a much better pep talk.
Bollocks. Good point. Snottily made, but correct.
Good to see I can at least win an argument with myself.
Doesn’t that also mean you just lost an argument with yourself?
Glass half-full. And shut up.
She stared at the slum building’s door impatiently. Orholam’s balls, would you finish up in there already?
Teia had never gotten close enough to identify the Blackguards at the back dock who’d attended the Old Man of the Desert, but she’d thought one of them had a hitch to his step, a slight limp on the left side.

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The Burning White
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