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Or find something dead.… I wander around to the back of the mall, behind some skips. I have no idea what sort of wildlife can be found in West Des Moines. Rats, probably—but I’d need a boatload of them at this point.There are some houses over the hill. I hate to use this spell unless I’m desperate, but I am desperate. I crouch low and hold my wand out over the ground, pouring in as much magic as I have available.“Here, kitty-kitty!”
When I get back to our booth, the waitress is putting three mon
...strous slices of cheesecake on the table.
Simon’s sitting next to Penny, and I’m flushed with warm feelings for both of them. (A side effect of being flushed with the blood of nine cats, probably.) I go to their side of the booth—“Scoot over”—and pick up a fork.Simon points at the plates of cheesecake: “This one’s Outrageous, this one’s Ultimate, and this one’s Extreme.”“No, this one’s Extreme,” Bunce says, taking a giant bite. “With the Oreos.”I take a bite of the same piece and cover my mouth.

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Wayward Son
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User Reviews:

Dannica 3 years ago

No cussing remember kids are here too and will read anything. But after all it is a fine book i am really interested in magic

Guest 3 years ago

I loved Carry On, and i really wanted a sequel, so when I found out about this book, I started listening to the audiobook, but it was so depressing for the first two minutes that I stopped after two and a half. However, after that I looked up reviews for this book, figured out what was beyond the depressing part, and I now look forward to reading this book even more.

Guest 4 years ago

does anyone know the Lexile for this book? Sorry about this I have to have 100 characters..............................................................

Guest 4 years ago

I haven't read it but just the cover is giving me supernatural vibes.

Guest 4 years ago

It just skip to the first page of every chapter. You cant even read it. I’m sure the book is as good as the last one (not very) but something is wrong with the website. Don’t even bother

Guest 4 years ago

Right??? I was going to sign up for an account. It said having the account was free but still asked for my credit card info LOL

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