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Denis M Hurley volume 1

Denis M Hurley volume 1 Buchdeckel
Denis M Hurley volume 1
2d Session United States 56th Congress
Das Buch Denis M Hurley volume 1 wurde vom autor geschrieben. Hier k├Ânnen sie das buch Denis M Hurley volume 1 kostenlos online lesen, bewerten und Ihre eindr├╝cke in den kommentaren mitteilen. Wenn sie nicht wissen, was sie schreiben sollen, beantworten sie einfach die frage: Warum ist Denis M Hurley volume 1 ein gutes oder schlechtes buch?
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In unserem eReader finden Sie die vollst├Ąndige englische version des buches. Denis M Hurley volume 1 Online Lesen - Link zum lesen des buches im vollbildmodus. Mit unserem eReader k├Ânnen sie auch Pdf, Txt, ePub und fb2 b├╝cher hochladen und lesen. Im mini eReder auf der seite unten k├Ânnen sie schnell alle seiten des buches ansehen - Denis M Hurley volume 1 Buch Lesen
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Um den Schwierigkeitsgrad des textes schnell einsch├Ątzen zu k├Ânnen, lesen sie einen kurzen auszug:

We often hear it asserted that success in business is most frequently due to unscrupulous methods. If this be true ÔÇö and I hope it is not ÔÇö Mr. HurIvEy's case is an exception, just as his public career is a refutation of the frivo- lous idea that politics and corruption are inseparable, or that no one could remain in public life for any length of time without paying the penalty of contamination.
Denis M. Hurley was a religiously honest man in business and politics. He served his constitutents a
...s faithfully as his customers, but when we ask to what factors his success was originally due ni}^ answer is, the rare goodness of his heart, his sublime tolerance, and his charitable disposition. While others captivated the senses of their fellow-men by eloquence, and thus gained popularity and fame, he captured their hearts b}^ good cheer and kindness, and thus became an enviable object of their love and affectionate regard. We strive to live up to the teach- ings of the Nazarene and Lincoln's noble maxim, "With charity to all, and malice toward none;" but during my life I have met but few men who succeeded so well as our departed friend in putting those good teachings into practice, as a mere instinctive manifestation of his innate good nature.

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Denis M Hurley volume 1
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