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Imperial Germany

Imperial Germany Buchdeckel
Imperial Germany
Bernhard Blow
Das Buch Imperial Germany wurde vom autor geschrieben. Hier k├Ânnen sie das buch Imperial Germany kostenlos online lesen, bewerten und Ihre eindr├╝cke in den kommentaren mitteilen. Wenn sie nicht wissen, was sie schreiben sollen, beantworten sie einfach die frage: Warum ist Imperial Germany ein gutes oder schlechtes buch?
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In unserem eReader finden Sie die vollst├Ąndige englische version des buches. Imperial Germany Online Lesen - Link zum lesen des buches im vollbildmodus. Mit unserem eReader k├Ânnen sie auch Pdf, Txt, ePub und fb2 b├╝cher hochladen und lesen. Im mini eReder auf der seite unten k├Ânnen sie schnell alle seiten des buches ansehen - Imperial Germany Buch Lesen
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Um den Schwierigkeitsgrad des textes schnell einsch├Ątzen zu k├Ânnen, lesen sie einen kurzen auszug:

That is rendered impossible by the relations which the parties bear to one an- other, by the dogmatism of most parties, by their tendency to go over to the opposition from time to time in order to gain popularity, and, finally, by the manifold nature of the Government's tasks, which can only in part be accomplished by one particular majority. In the interests of a policy which as far as possible does justice to all sec- tions of the nation, it is not desirable that any one of the parties, with ...whose assistance positive work 178 Imperial Germany for t-he good of the State can be done, should never co-operate. It is good for the parties if they have a share in legislative work. Parties which always pre- serve an attitude of opposition and negation, and are left alone by the Government, grow pedantic in the items of their programmes, and, if they do not die out altogether, at best deprive our public life of valuable forces. In the course of the last decades the Left Wing of our Liberalism had fallen into this condition, even with regard to vital questions of national im- portance.

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Imperial Germany
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