Mary Poppins Opens the Door

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Banks, angrily, as he rattled the umbrellas in the Elephant's Leg that stood in the front hall.
"What is it now, George?" called Mrs. Banks, from the foot of the kitchen stairs.
"Somebody's taken my walking sticks!" Mr. Banks sounded like a wounded tiger.
"Here they are, Sir!" said Mary Poppins, as she tripped down from the Nursery. In one hand she carried a silver-headed ebony cane. From the other swung a grey ash stick with a curved nobbly handle. Without another word, and looking very superio
...r, she handed the sticks to Mr. Banks.
"Oh!" he said, rather taken aback. "Why did you want them, Mary Poppins? I hope you haven't got a bad leg!" "No, thank you, Sir!" she said with a sniff. And you knew by the haughty tone of her voice that Mr. Banks had insulted her. A bad leg, indeed! As if her legs, as well as every other part of her, were not in perfect condition!
"It was us!" said Jane and Michael together, peering out at their Father from behind Mary Poppins.
"You! What's the matter with your fat legs?

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Mary Poppins Opens the Door
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Guest vor 3 Jahren

TWIGLEY'S WISHES OH, DO come on, Mary Poppins!" said Michael impatiently, as he danced up and down on the pavement.
Mary Poppins took no notice. She was standing in the Lane admiring her reflection in the brass plate on Dr. Simpson's gate.
"You look quite tidy!" Jane assured her.
"Tidy!" Mary Poppins snorted. Tidy in her new black hat with the blue bow? Tidy indeed! Handsome, she thought, would be nearer the mark. Tossing her head, she strode on quickly and they had to run to keep up with her.
The three of them were walking through the fine May afternoon to find Mr. Twigley. For the Drawing-room piano was out of tune and Mrs. Banks had asked Mary Poppins to find a piano-tuner.
"There's my cousin, Ma'am, Mr. Twigley. Just three blocks from here." Mary Poppins had announced. And when Mrs. Banks said she had never heard of him, Mary Poppins, with her usual sniff, had reminded Mrs. Banks that her relatives were composed of the Very Best People.
And now Jane and Michael, who had already met two members of Mary Poppins' family, were wondering what Mr.

best book!!!

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