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A book of Carnegie Libraries

Cover A book of Carnegie Libraries
A book of Carnegie Libraries
Koch, Theodore Wesley, 1871-1941
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122 PITTSBURG a library in Pittsburg. I am thinking of incorporating with the plan for a library that of an art gallery in which shall be preserved a record of the progress and development of pictorial art in America, and perhaps also of making some provision for advancing knowledge among the people through the addition of accommodations for the various societies which in recent years have struggled into existence among us. These societies de- serve to be encouraged. I mean the Art Society, the... Botani- cal Society of Western Pennsylvania, the Microscopical Society of Pittsburg, and all those other societies. Get them to join their forces and unite to form one society — call it the Academy of Science and Art of Pittsburg, if you please — and I will fur- nish accommodations for them when I come to build the library in Pittsburg. We can treat with one central organization better than with half a dozen different societies. Some of these socie- ties are forming collections of books, historical objects, natural history specimens.

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A book of Carnegie Libraries
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