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A Bundle of Letters

Cover A Bundle of Letters
A Bundle of Letters
James Henry
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I have never wanted for society of my own choosing, and, so long as I retain possession of my faculties, I don't suppose I evershall. As I said, however, the place is very well managed, and I succeedin doing as I please, which, you know, is my most cherished pursuit. Madame de Maisonrouge has a great deal of tact--much more than poorfather. She is what they call here a belle femme, which means that sheis a tall, ugly woman, with style. She dresses very well, and has agreat deal of talk; but, th...ough she is a very good imitation of a lady, Inever see her behind the dinner-table, in the evening, smiling andbowing, as the people come in, and looking all the while at the dishesand the servants, without thinking of a _dame de comptoir_ blooming in acorner of a shop or a restaurant. I am sure that, in spite of her finename, she was once a _dame de comptoir_. I am also sure that, in spiteof her smiles and the pretty things she says to every one, she hates usall, and would like to murder us. She is a hard, clever Frenchwoman, whowould like to amuse herself and enjoy her Paris, and she must be bored todeath at passing all her time in the midst of stupid English people whomumble broken French at her.

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A Bundle of Letters
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