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" The Old One's fingers patted the hairy arm of her son affectionately, but her eyes now sought the fire that, burning on the Altar of Hasihta, cast a flickering light on the Guardian Pine standing near the door of the Council Chamber.
" Listen, my son. Shangadaya has been all day in the lodge of the Metas, and they have told her sweet secrets. " " I am sure of it, wise mother. Was it of the Arrow of the Sun they spoke ?" " Panaqui has the gift of his mother for discerning, " croaked the Old On
...e. " It was of the Arrow. " " And the secret of obtaining it, mother; did they tell you that?" The dwarf drew nearer as he spoke, and peered eagerly into the face of the witch.
58 A ^Child of the Sun " If Panaqui would open the casket of copper which holds the hope of Arctides, let him listen. It has been proclaimed that if one of the blood of the beaver totem stand before the Altar of Hasihta at high noon and whisper the word with which the Great Spirit sealed up this casket, the copper case will open.

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A Child of the Sun
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