A Choice of Miracles

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A Choice of Miracles
Cox, James, 1851-1901
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What right did he have thinking he had any control over whathappened to him? He was incapable of doing anything himself--he had towait until something happened to him. And he knew what was going tohappen. So that's what he'd do. He'd just wait.
    * * * * * He closed his eyes and saw Elsie, and before he realized he was going todo it he was praying again, talking to God about Elsie, and then talkingto Elsie about God, and then back to God again and to Elsie again, andhe knew he was crying beca
...use he could taste the tears, and he knew hewas going to die because there wasn't anything else that could happen, and he knew suddenly that he was mortally afraid. He could not layrigidly, tensely--there were no muscles to tighten. But the tension hadto go somewhere. He felt a numbness creeping up the back of his neck, felt his eyes bulging as if they would burst, heard a roaring in hisears. He opened his mouth, gasping, trying to breathe deeply, theroaring in his ears reaching a crescendo and then breaking into a coldsighing wind that loudened and softened with the regularity of a pulsebeat.

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A Choice of Miracles
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