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A Cluster of Grapes
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A LYRIC FROM "THE SIN OF DAVID" I Red skies above a level land And thoughts of thee;Sinking Sun on reedy strand, And alder tree.
II Only the heron sailing home With heavy flight!Ocean afar in silent foam, And coming night!
III Dwindling day and drowsing birds, O my child!Dimness and returning herds, Memory wild.
EDEN PHILLPOTTS A DEVON COURTING Birds gived over singin'Flitter-mice was wingin'Mist lay on the meadows--A purty sight to see. Downling in the dimpsy, the dimpsy, the dimpsy--Downling
...in the dimpsyTheer went a maid wi' me.
Two gude mile o' walkin'Not wan word o' talkin', Then I axed a questionAn' put the same to she. Uplong in the owl-light, the owl-light, the owl-light--Uplong in the owl-lightTheer come my maid wi' me.
A LITANY TO PAN By the abortions of the teeming Spring, By Summer's starved and withered offering, By Autumn's stricken hope and Winter's sting, Oh, hear!
By the ichneumon on the writhing worm, By the swift, far-flung poison of the germ, By soft and foul brought out of hard and firm, Oh, hear!

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A Cluster of Grapes
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