A Complete Guide to Heraldry

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A Complete Guide to Heraldry
Arthur Charles Fox Davies
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For example, in the arms of Maxwell ["Argent, an eagle with two heads displayed sable, beaked and membered gules, on the breast an escutcheon of the first, charged with a saltire of the second, surcharged in the centre with a hurcheon (hedgehog) or, all within a bordure gules "], Harris, and as the crest of Money-Kyrle.
The Beaver has been introduced into, many coats of late years for those connected in any way with Canada. It figures in the arms of Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, and in the a
...rms of Christopher.
The beaver is one of the supporters of the city FIG. 411. Urcheon. . ^, . . . , . 11, 1 r of Oxford, and is the sole charge in the arms of the town of Biberach (Fig. 412). Originally the arms were: "Argent, a beaver azure, crowned and armed gules, " but the arms authorised by the Emperor Frederick IV. , i8th July 1848, were : " Azure, a beaver or. " It is quite impossible, or at any rate very unnecessary, to turn a work on armory into an Illustrated Guide to Natural History, which would be the result if under the de- scription of heraldic charges the attempt were made to deal with all the various animals which have by now been brought to the ar- morial fold, owing to the inclusion of each for special and sufficient reasons in one or two isolated grants.

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A Complete Guide to Heraldry
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