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"Well, I went to see this old lady where I boarded once, and I just stayed with her. We sat and waited to gether. " At this point I was troubled between a desire to laugh and to weep. This poor youth! And the wild-eyed J. Cadden McMickens ! And Kokomo ! And the hun dreds who believed! Can t you see Speed and the old lady the young boy and the woman who didn t know and couldn t be sure, and Kokomo, and the Rev. J. Cad- den McMic I feel as if I would like to get hold of the Rev. J. Cadden even at
... this late date and shake him up a bit. I won t say kick him, but CHAPTER XX THE CAPITAL OF THE FRA NEXT morning it was raining, and to pass the time be fore breakfast I examined a large packet of photographs which Speed had left with me the night before memen toes of that celebrated pioneer venture which had for its object the laying out of the new Lincoln Highway from New York to San Francisco. We had already en route heard so much of this trip that by now we were fairly familiar with it. It had been organized by a very wealthy manufacturer, and he and his very good looking young wife had been inclined to make a friend of Speed, so that he saw much that would not ordinarily have fallen under his vision.

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A Hoosier Holiday
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