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The girls got started early with their baking and Sam headed out to pick up their guests.  Henry had wheeled his chair up to the kitchen table, and with his good hand, he was adding sprinkles to the warm sugar cookies as they came from the oven.  Christmas music floated in the air and everybody sang along.  Both dogs had taken up their places under the big kitchen table where they were out of the way but easily within reach of any stray baked goods that may happen to fall on the floor.  As odd a...s it was for a dog, Jasper had a passion for the dried candied fruit that went into many of their cookies, and of course anything baked with butter was always a welcome treat.  The little black dog was a quick study and by following Jasper’s lead, soon learned that good things come to those who wait.
    The house was bursting with wonderful aromas when Sam returned.  Wendy, and her husband Geoff were greeted with warm hugs and slobbery dog kisses.  Their two boys, Curtis and Max couldn’t get enough doggy love.  They lived in an apartment and didn’t have pets, but they had met Jasper  on previous visits and once you met him, you were Jasper’s friend for life.  He welcomed them as if he had just seen them yesterday.  They both hugged his furry brown scruff the same way Brinn always did.  He was just that kind of dog.  You had to get your face right into that mass of fur.  When they finally came up for air, they greeted the little black dog too, asking what her name was.  Julia explained her circumstance, and they gave her some extra hugs.  Once all the welcomes were over, the girls finished up the baking while the boys took the dogs outside for a romp in the snow.  Living in California was a far cry from Lilac Creek and the boys were ecstatic to be having a white Christmas.

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A Lilac Creek Christmas
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