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_ _Dear Roger:--_ I've just got back from father's where I spent the last three hours talking over our troubles. I didn't tell you I was going, knowing you would think it foolish, but it seemed best, dear, and I hope you'll forgive me. And now I find that you've gone off with Billie, and I'm guessing that you've gone to _your_ father's to see what you can do. I'm taking the trolley into New Haven to ask Mamie Palmer about that cook she thought we might get, and if possible I'll bring the girl h...ome with me. Don't trouble about me, as I'll be perfectly safe, and, as you know, I rather enjoy prowling around at night. You'll certainly get back before I do, but if I'm not here don't be alarmed.
    We are so happy in each other, dear, and if only we could get our foolish fathers to stop hating each other, how beautiful everything would be! And we could all have such a merry, merry Christmas!
The Hopper's acquaintance with the epistolary art was the slightest, buteven to a mind unfamiliar with this branch of literature it was plain thatShaver's parents were involved in some difficulty that was attributable, not to any lessening of affection between them, but to a row of some sortbetween their respective fathers.

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A Reversible Santa Claus
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