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A Statement of Facts
James From Old Catalog Scallan
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(bigutd) J\Iajor ist Ifty Com'dg.
11 No. 3.
%SiJjHtnnt and Inspector GemraVfi Offict^, vVoi- 9ik i820. SIR— B -fore I rpcFi e. L y^urlete^ of O. T. 13 h, Cd Gib- son had sliown me thi' pa-jers of Capt Scallui, ilii ect»*;! to Col. M'Neal W ;!id not dem th^ report of sufluient im- portance to be made a •oibj'* t of offi ial comni rit. Or to cau-^e Capt. S- dhn a m m^'nt'-. Uneasiness. 1 transioitted tlie papers to the Colonel, and thii. K the report deserves no further notice.
I have
...the honour to be, Sir, your ob di nt servont, I). PA! KER, ^tljt and Insp. Generalf Miij. Whartenby. \st Infantry, Baton Itouge, Lou.
No 4.
JWuj Orleans. Dec. T6(li, 7820. A sensp of justice to Mr. Sci'lari recjuires lii;. T I -h-uld thus solcmo'y aik ' wl 'd^e he incorrectness of my pro* ceediiig, in oxhibitit;g the base fab ricatiun of a certain Sitin- son, to two persons in J":)e last, b fore Mr. Scallan was aware of its existence; and that, ii) shewing the calumny. I laid the persons under an irjuncMon of secrt cy, and had no intrnt'on to I'o an injury to Mr.

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A Statement of Facts
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