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The fanatics who went into the Catacombs were on a par with the present Russian sect, the Doughobars, who, to-day practice burying alive. The ignorant masses, measuring the Christian's faith by this act of going into the horrible hole at night, would say, "there must be something in such a faith, " and would gradually incline to it.
But Pagan law and the Pagan religion, which was ever toler- ant toward all religions, never persecuted the Christians. If the government had wanted to apprehend thi
...s handful of Christians, it could have run them all in, within two days.
We read in Gibbon, how, after the Christians came in power, and, were putting to death thousands, even putting whole cities to the sword, sparing not even the women and infants, the Pagans ap- pealed to them, calling to their memories, how Pagan Rome had al- ways tolerated all faiths, and now begged to be likewise tolerated; but these pleadings were of no arail. The slaughter continued un- til all tlie Pagans were either dead or had abjured their faith.

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