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A Very Young Ovum in Situ
G Christian Gerhard Leopold
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G. , Fig. 17 k) by a proliferation of the Langhans' cells the inner layer is thickened, forming small buds covered by the syncytium. These buds gradually become thicker and longer (Figs. 16 & 17 tr & Fig. 18 tr to the right), but almost everywhere remain covered with syncytial cells, as can be recognized in Figs. 16 & 17 under high magnification from the double layered band marked "ekt. " (Fig. 27 sy. ) The ectoblast in this stage of delevopment has already sent out a number of short sprouts, b...ut the mesoderm which is just forming has not as yet entered these processes, so that one can- not speak of villi in the usual meaning of this term.
It must, however, be emphasized that these earliest buds as well as the further developed processes (the ectoblastic band in Fig. 16) are completely surrounded by maternal blood and do not come in contact nor have any connection with the maternal tis- sue, especially decidual cells.
While this fact alone proves the close relationship of these two cell layers to the ectoblast, furthermore, in this stage of devel- opment of the ovum absolutely nothing speaks in favor of an as- sumption that the ectoblast or possibly its external cover the syncytium, etiologically has any relation to the maternal tissue.

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A Very Young Ovum in Situ
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